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Information Minister: Syria is keen on success of Geneva 2 conference

1010 10:14:00 2014-01-08

Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi affirmed that the Syrian delegation is going to the international conference on Syria "Geneva 2" to reach outcomes that serve the Syrian state and people, stressing that “we won’t allow any US, Saudi or Turkish agenda to pass in the conference.”

At a press conference on Tuesday, al-Zoubi said that inter-Syrian dialogue inside the country will take place, whether it originates from Geneva 2 or not, and if the opposition and its supporters abroad abort the conference, then dialogue will take place among Syrians in Syria itself and produce positive results.

The Minister advised the opposition and everyone else to read the first Geneva statement in a political and non-neurotic manner, stressing that Geneva 2 must result in accord and an agreement based on combating terrorism, as other details are much less significant.

"We quite understand that in Syria’s future there will be an expanded government,” he said, asserting that that there won’t be a transitional governing body like what happened in Iraq upon the US invasion, calling on international lawmen to give any text in any UN reference or in international law that contains anything like the term "transitional government body."

Al-Zoubi affirmed that any agreement reached at Geneva will be put to referendum by the Syrian people and if not approved, it will be worthless and meaningless and cannot be implemented, asserting that the Syrian people will decide upon the country's political future.

The Minister said that those in the opposition who think that they can change anything on the ground using foreign funds and weapons are delusional and must reassess themselves, demanding that the Turkish government completely close its borders in the face of the terrorists and must expel them from its land and stop all logistic and financial support for them.

He also affirmed that there is mass infiltration by terrorists from Jordan to Syria which have become known to everyone, calling upon the Jordanian government to control its borders and not yield to external pressure, especially pressure exerted by Saudi Arabia.

Al-Zoubi reiterated the Syrian government's position which is committed to participating in Geneva 2 and keen on having it be a success, and that this is based on the government's commitment to the higher national interests of the Syrian people and state.

The Minister stressed that all armed groups operating in Syria are terrorist groups regardless of the names they use or the disputes or alliances among themselves, as they are all terrorist organizations when it comes to the Syrian people.

He noted that this isn't a political accusation, as their own declarations, statements, videos and behavior on the ground, with the most recent example being what happened in Adra worker city which was under the control of the so-called "Islamic Front."

Al-Zoubi said that the Syrian state and army are fighting terrorism regardless of the names it hides behind, and that everyone who carried weapons, murdered, violated sanctities, damaged infrastructure, caused chaos on the borders, brought in weapon, accepted foreign funding, or received foreign fighters are terrorists in the eyes of the state regardless of any other considerations.

He pointed out that all the media attempts to show some groups as “moderate” as opposed to "extremist" groups are part of political work by some states and intelligence agencies who are trying to say that there's moderate terrorism and extremist terrorism, stressing that the Syrian people will not buy into those attempts.

The Minister noted that those who carried out terrorist bombings in Russia are the same people who commit bombings in Syria and Iraq and have the exact same political and financial identity, adding that the state responsible for these bombings is known and must be held accountable for its crimes.

"Possessing money and immense wealth doesn't mean they're free to spill people's blood anywhere in the world… it doesn't mean they're free to murder and form groups," he said.

Al-Zoubi stressed that Russia, Syria and Iraq have the right to defend their national security, and that the world cannot remain silent indefinitely to the immoral political and security thuggery taking place, regardless of the government or sheikh or emir that commit it.

The Minister said that the decision of whether or not President Bashar al-Assad will run for presidency is up to him, and that there's a Syrian popular decision supporting him running for presidency.

"President al-Assad will be the president of the republic in elections according to constitutional rules, whether there are other candidates who meet the constitutional conditions for running or not," he said, asserting that President al-Assad will remain the president after legitimate

constitutional elections in which the Syrians express their wil

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